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Kemp Blenders
   Need Hose? We Have It!
Automate the Blending and Loading Process
Complete Blending and Loading System in One Simple Piece of Equipment
Heavy Duty Suction Hose

Super Heavy Duty
Suction Hose

Heavy Duty Suction Hose
With Embedded Static Wire

Abrasion Resistant
Suction Hose

  Manufactured in America
  Ideal for loading materials
        at exact ratios
  Highest quality components
  Revolutionary ratio metric blender
  Blend while you load -
         up to 1,000 lbs per hr.
  Blend recipe at you fingertips
  JIT blending right at the machine throat
  Innovative free flow "no plug"   
        accelerators by Kemp
  Shipped installation ready
  1 hopper for fast & efficient cleanup
  Easy maintenance with push/pull 
        assembly - no tools required
  No intermixer needed
  Pneumatic blending and conveying 
        with virtually no moving parts
  Lowers your costs by using your 
        regrind and blending it with  
EZ Loader
Complete Material Loading Systems for Molding Machines 
  Full-Grip knob with brass insert
  1-1/4" inlet
  Polished 16 gauge stainless steel  
  Stainless steel lid
  High efficiency air filter
  Impact resistant sight glass   
  Stainless steel mounting plate
        - 10-149 ton machine 4x4 plate
        - 150+ ton machine 6x6 plate
  Anodized aluminum outlet tube
  Material level sensor w/ stainless   
        steel bracket
Exair Line Vac Don't Forget the E/Z Purge!
The Best For Moving Materials Over Long Horizontal and Vertical Distances

The efficient cleaning action of E/Z Purge enables you to make quick, complete changeovers from one color to another, and from one resin type to another. Down time is reduced with no need to strip down and manually clean deposits from melt passages.
          Hopper loading
          Fiber tensioning
          Material conveying
          Waste/trim removal
          Chip removal
          Part transfer
          Filling operations

          No moving parts
          Fits standard hose or tube
          Aluminum or stainless steel
          11 sizes in Aluminum
          10 sizes in Stainless Steel
          High throughput capability


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