September 2012    

Save MONEY with our
    New & Improved
 Drool Shield

  Drool Shield fits on the nozzle of an injection machine and protects drool-back from destroying heater bands, wiring, and insulation 
  blankets. The Teflon coating on the exterior makes for easy removal of plastic drool. Drool Shields are adjustable to fit any machine,
  install within seconds, and because they can withstand temperatures up to 700 degrees, they provide a reusable, long-term solution.

• Easy to Install

• Protects Heater Bands
• Easy Clean Up
• Saves Downtime

Design Components
• Air Craft .080 Aluminum
• Custom Fit Packing
• Therma Slick Coating
• Stainless Steel Clamp
• Binding Post Guides
• Teflon Packing

Drool Shield Kit Includes:

10" Shield - Outside Diameter
8" Shield - Outside Diameter
1"- 2" Hub - Inside Diameter
2"- 3" Hub - Inside Diameter
3"- 4" Hub - Inside Diameter

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Save MONEY with Barrel Blankets, too!
They can be used on any brand injection, extrusion, or blow molding machine. Their primary use
lies in saving money by insulating the barrel from heat loss. This in turn requires the heater bands
to cycle less and to lower electricity bills. Additional benefits include :  Increased heater band life,
Increased safety when working on or around the machines, and the Increased aesthetic appearance of your machines.

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Barrel Blanket Pricing

• Adjustable Closure System Insures the Best Fit
• Overlapping Cuff for Maximum Heat Retention
• Maximum Personal Protection
• Typical Payback in 6 Months
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