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E/Z Purge, Abrasives and Copper Gauze
E/Z Purge® is an ammonia-free, water-based product that removes and cleans unwanted color, material or burned polymer from extruders, injection or blow molding equipment. Purging is a critical part of routine maintenance but costly in terms of system down time, wasted materials and labor costs. The efficient cleaning and purging action of E/Z Purge® enables you to make quick, complete changeovers from one color to another, and from one resin type to another. Down time is reduced because there is no need to strip down and manually clean deposits from melt passages. E/Z Purge® easily mixes with your own scrap resin to produce unsurpassed purging performance, eliminating the need to purchase more costly resin pellets for purging
E/Z Purge® Purging Liquids
Standard Duty EZP-1 1 qt.
EZP-1-5   5 gal.
Heavy Duty EZP-1HD 1 qt.
EZP-1HD-5   5 gal.
Super Heavy Duty EZP-1S 1 qt.
EZP-1S-5   5 gal.
Poly-Brite Pads are made of heavy non-woven material, impregnated with abrasive grain and bonded with synthetic resins. Ideal for removing rust and corrosion and for cleaning and preparing surfaces, Poly-Brite pads are washable and can be reused many times. Easy on the hands, these pads replace steel wool with no rusting, splintering, or contamination. Adaptable to both hand or machine finishing.

The All-Purpose pad is an ideal general purpose aluminum oxide pad for hand blending, cleaning and finishing. Is also safe for use on printed circuit boards. Removes rust and corrosion, renews satin finishes on aluminum extrusions.

The Heavy Duty Pads are a fast cutting pad made of tough, non-woven nylon material, impregnated with 120 grit aluminum oxide grain and bonded with high-strength resins. Works fast on even the most demanding cleaning and finishing jobs. Also ideal for cleaning barrels.

Ultra Fine Silicone Carbide PadsUltra Fine Silicone Carbide Pads are especially suited for light cleaning and fine finishing on all metals, plastics and fiberglass surfaces. These pads are ideal for removing fine burrs on threaded parts, cleaning glass molds and polishing dies. Can also be used for rubbing down primer and sealer coats in woodworking..
PB-0000 All Purpose Maroon 6" x 9" 80
PB-1000 Heavy Duty Tan 6" x 9" 40
PB-2000 Ultra Fine Grey 6" x 9" 80
Copper Gauze
  • Tough interlocking loops won't pull apart.
  • Heavy weight .004" x .025"
  • Safe, soft copper wire won't scratch surfaces
  • Non-flammable
  • Pure copper won't rust or contaminate
  • Knitted mesh keeps flat wire on edge for scraping
  • Reversible mesh - medium grade mesh on outside, turn inside out for heavy cleaning coarse mesh
Copper Gauze
CG-100 5" 100'
CG-400 5" 400'

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