November  2009

EPIC Sharp Grinder Blades and Screens
Is your granulator experiencing reduced throughput,
increased fines, decreased productivity or increased scrap?

High Performance Grinder Blades

We supply a full line of new replacement blades for all name brand grinders. Our grinder blades are manufactured from the highest quality steel and to dimensional tolerances that meet or exceed OEM specifications. All blades are match ground per set to ensure precision fit, precise cutting and longevity. Available in standard material or premium D-2 tool steel. 
  • Manufactured from premium tool steels
  • Last 25 - 30% longer than the competition's
  • Edges are EPIC keen ground to increase cutting life
  • Manufactured to precise OEM specs for compatibility
  • SFP has more blades in-stock and available for purchase

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Don't want to buy new?

Almost all makes and models of blades can be resharpened at a significant cost savings over new blades. SFP resharpens all granulator knives including bed knives, rotating fly knives, Wortex/Conair fly knives and helical knives.

The condition of your grinder bed knives and rotating knives has a key performance effect on the grinder.  Having blades that are properly sharpened will increase the efficiency (cutting rate, decrease fines, decrease noise).

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Top Quality Grinder Screens

Services for Plastics, Inc. has been producing grinder screens for over 20 years. Our knowledge and expertise spans the entire mainstream brands offered in North America. What makes our screens different from our competitors is that SFP uses the highest quality steels available. In addition, our machining and bending of the screens is done to maximize sharpness and useful life of the grinder screen. After using one of our screens, you will understand the difference.

  • Made from highest quality US Steel
  • Manufactured to surpass OEM specs
  • Special smooth cut drillings to increase life span
  • Superior dimensional accuracy to create consistent pellet regrind size

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Services for Plastics, Inc. Builds Screens & Blades For The Most 
Popular Grinder & Granulator Models in North America

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