October  2009

Have your cycle times or scrap increased?
Material properties decreased?
The problem might be your worn
Barrel, Screw or Screw Tip Assembly.  

Take advantage of our special 
25% Off  SFP On-Site Service Calls
during the Month of October

Minimize Downtime with SFP's On-Site Service Calls

No time to take down your machines for service? Call SFP and we will come to your facility to measure your screws and barrels. Our team of professionals will arrive at your facility with a full compliment of state-of-the-art gauging equipment to inspect and analyze your molding machines. 

We'll provide you with a full, comprehensive inspection report outlining the current condition, possible wear patterns and suggestions regarding repair or replacement of your plastication components (screw, barrel, STA, etc). 

We can also show you how to establish a Preventative/Predictive Maintenance Program to avoid future breakdowns, lost production time and headaches. Or, we can put you on a regular schedule for On-Site Service Calls to fit your needs.

Don't get caught in a jam. Increased downtime, lost production, and expediting charges add up quickly. Avoid the headaches, call SFP and schedule an On-Site Service Call today.

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25% off for the month of October

Boost Productivity & Cut Costs with Parts from SFP

Services for Plastics, Inc. is your one-stop for new and reconditioned barrels and screws, and all other molding components.  With state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, top quality materials, and a commitment to quality that even the OEM cannot provide we guarantee a perfect match to your OEM parts and components -- EVERY TIME. 

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Our Engineers Can Help you Optimize Your Processes

Let our engineering professionals analyze your process and suggest element designs and other technologies to optimize your system for quality and throughput. Whether you are looking to reduce scrap, improve cycle time, or eliminate inconsistencies, SFP engineers are here to help you achieve maximum potential.

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Increase Your Uptime and Make More $$

SFP's expert engineering team will review your extreme wear application, offer knowledge and make real world, tested suggestions to reduce downtime. Improve your bottom line using the latest in molding process technology.

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Maintenance Issues Can Be a Drag

Does it seem as though you are always putting out fires and not concentrating on preventing maintenance issues and lost production time? Let SFP take care of your worries and put your mind at ease. SFP offers both preventative and predictive maintenance services that will alleviate your maintenance headaches once and for all!

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SERVICES FOR PLASTICS is a manufacturer of barrels, screws, screw tips assemblies, nozzles, nozzle tips and end caps for the plastic molding industry. We also distribute a complete line of industrial accessories for the injection, extrusion, thermoset and blow molding industries. In addition, we specialize in upsize/downsize conversions, thermoset/thermoplastic conversions and reconditioning services for barrels and screws.

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