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Copper Gauze

What Is Copper Gauze

Copper Gauze is also known as “Copper Knitted Wire Industrial Cleaning Mesh.” It is used in the plastics industry to clean precision parts such as injection molding or extrusion equipment, as well as dies, molds, screws, barrels, and similar machinery without scratching.

Theory & Design

Our brand of copper gauze uses flattened copper wire, which is then precisely knitted into a seamless and continuous flat stocking. This knit pattern gives it excellent scraping properties, and provides maximum edge surface for optimum cleaning, while the tubular form allows you to cut the wire into flexible working lengths without unraveling the remaining un-used portion. It is soft, non-sparking, nonmagnetic, and rust free.

Typical Usages

This cleaning material is extremely versatile and economical where frequent maintenance is necessary for product purity. This would include such applications where thin films are coated, or color or materials need to be changed often.


When To Replace Your Copper Gauze

Typically, copper gauze offers its best cleaning capabilities if it is replaced after each single use. However, you can turn the gauze inside out and use it for more heavy-duty applications. 

Tips & Tricks

  • Applying a small amount of a release aid (an industrial-grade silicone grease) will enhance your copper gauze’s cleaning properties

  • Turn the gauze inside-out for additional cleaning capabilities

  • Replace gauze when it becomes clogged with oil, grease, plastic, or other debris

  • Many recycling companies will accept copper gauze to be recycled at their facility


  • Effective - Knitted pattern keeps the flat wire on the edge for excellent scraping properties

  • Safe - Copper is soft and will never damage or scratch your metal surface or expensive machine components

  • Rust-Free - Wire is pure, solid copper so it will not rust or contaminate your end product

  • Tough - Interlocked loops of heavy gauge copper wire make it extremely durable without disintegrating

  • Non-Flammable - Our copper gauze is made of 100% metal and will not burn if used on hot equipment

  • Low Cost - Cheaper than other household metallic cleaners currently being used

  • Efficient - Our copper gauze cleans in less time than when compared to other methods, such as wire brushes, metal sponges, or charring. Typical cleaning time for a machine is less than one hour

  • Twice the cleaning power-Contains reversible mesh. The outside is medium grade mesh for normal cleaning, or you can turn it inside out and use the coarse mesh for heavy-duty cleaning applications.

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