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Anti-Static Copper Tinsel

Anti-Static Tinsel is a high quality, all-copper solution for reducing unwanted static build up in paper, film and foil converting operations.

Box with copper tinsel

The anti-static tinsel strands are flexible and soft to prevent scratching or other damage to products. This tinsel is effective when used on moving webs and conveyors, eliminating both negative and positive charges from static laden product. Tinsel resists breakage, matting and shedding. It is a self-energizing, induction type (no power needed) static eliminator which does not spark or cause sparks, and can be used in hazardous conditions.

Box includes two rolls at 36 feet each for a total of 72 feet.

Benefits of Anti-Static Tinsel

  • Cost-effective passive solution to eliminate static.
  • Flexible and soft to prevent scratching.
  • Fine, sharply pointed copper provides greater static elimination.
  • Ideal solution for unwanted static build up in winding, extruding, sheeting, coating and many more operations.
  • Increased product quality as rejects are decreased by removing the attraction of airborne contaminants.
  • Allows for increased machine speeds by reducing sticking and jamming of product caused by static.
  • Eliminates personnel shock caused by high electro-static charges.

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Technical Specifications

The core is made of multiple copper wires (not string) to ensure positive grounding and strength. The fine, sharply pointed copper strands provide greater static elimination. The conductive strands are interspersed to maximize effectiveness, but are not so dense as to make it easy to collect dust and dirt particles.

Material 100% copper strands
Core composition Multiple copper wires (not strings) ensures positive grounding and strength.
Outer diameter 1.25" (32 millimeters)
Maximum length 72' roll, 36 ft (12 meters), each box consists of (2) 36' rolls

Close up of wire roll of copper anti-static wire

Installing Anti-Static Tinsel for Best Results

  • Position anti-static tinsel 1/8” to 1/4” from static laden surface. Typically, the tinsel will be attached to the machine frame.
  • It is used most effectively when it does not touch the product or material to be neutralized.
  • Place the anti-static tinsel just after the points of contact or separation of material from rolls, rollers or guides that generate static electricity. The tinsel should be grounded to machine frame or an electrical ground.
  • In some cases, especially with when lower static charges are present, the anti-static tinsel may need to actually touch the surface to be neutralized. It can be draped or pulled tight across the material.
  • Replace the anti-static tinsel when it becomes “dirty” with foreign substances, matted, or oxidized.

Process graphic

Process graphic

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