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Hose Clamps

Ear Clamps & Kits
Ear Clamp Pincers
Heavy Duty T-Bolt Clamp

Spiral Double-Bolt Clamps
Standard Hose Clamps
Worm Gear Clamps

General Purpose "Worm Gear" Hose Clamps

  • Stainless steel band.
  • Can be used on any hose.
  • Available with stainless steel or plated carbon screws.
  • 5/16" Hex
  • Sizes 7/32" to 5".

Packaging:  Sold individually.

Hose Clamp

Ear Clamps

  • Zinc plated.
  • Fast, easy installation -- won't loosen up in service.
  • Economical and tamper proof.
  • Safe -- no protruding bands to get cut or hung up on.
  • Excellent for use as a safety clamp with push-on hose and fittings.
  • Available in 1-ear or 2-ear styles.

Packaging:  Sold individually.

1-ear Clamp
1-ear Clamp

2-ear Clamp
2-ear Clamp

Ear Clamp Pincers

  • Used for manual installation and removal of ear clamps
  • Available in two styles:  ear clamp pincers or side jaw pincers
  • Dual-directional pincers enable you to apply clamps from two different direction (or angles)

Packaging:  Sold individually.

Ear Clamp Pincers

Maintenance Ear Clamp Kits

2-ear clamp kits available with Zinc Plated or Stainless Steel clamps.  Each Service Kit contains:

  • 15 pcs. #0709 5/16" clamp
  • 15 pcs. #0911 7/16" clamp
  • 15 pcs. #1113 1/2" clamp
  • 15 pcs. #1315 9/16" clamp
  • 15 pcs. #1518 5/8" clamp
  • 12 pcs. #1720 3/4" clamp
  • 12 pcs. #2023 7/8" clamp
  • 12 pcs. #2225 15/16" clamp
  • 12 pcs. #2327 1" clamp
  • 1 pc. #1098 pincer
Clamp Kit

Spiral Double-Bolt Clamps

The ultimate in clamping for your vacuum hose.
  • Available in clockwise or counter-clockwise spiral.
  • Total 360 vacuum seal.
  • Recommended for convoluted hoses; sizes 1"-12".
  • Reusable - not a throw-away clamp
  • Lifetime heavy duty clamp.

Packaging:  Sold individually.

Spiral Hose Clamp

Heavy Duty T-Bolt Clamps

Stainless Steel band available with Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel bolt and nut
  • Permanent and semi-permanent applications
  • Available in size ranges from 2-1/32" to 9-23/32"
  • Reusable - not a throw-away clamp
  • Ideal for high corrosion environments

Packaging:  Sold individually.

Heavy Duty T-Bolt Clamp

SFP hose clamps are comparable with the following brands: Amflow, Androck, APS/Advanced, baxter, Breeze/BIP, cambridge, Campbell, Clampco, Clamps, Dixon/Dixon valve, Dundas jafine, EFC, Fluidwell, general Clamp, Hydro-craft, ideal, Impulse, JJC, Kanaflex, Klipco, Lambro, Micro Group, Midland, Monoxivent, Murray, Nissei, Nordex, Norma, Oetiker, Parker-hannifin, Pioneer, Precision, Protex, Rostra, Royal, Stepless, Superclamp, Sutton Clark, Tork, Tridon, Vibrant, WAC.

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