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Static Eliminator


Top: PL300-2, Bottom: HPPL300-2

Faster plastic cleanup with less labor!
No Equipment Modification

No nuclear or electrical wiring
Rugged for shop floor use
Makes perfect finish when painting plastic


PL300-2 Standard Ionix static eliminator (up to 50 psi) for 3/8" hose
PL300-2KIT Includes: (1) Standard Ionix Static Elliminator, (1) 25' hose with 1/4" threaded ends and (1) pistol grip air gun
HPPL300-2 High pressure Ionix Static Eliminator (up to 150 psi) for 3/8" hose
HPPL300-2KIT Includes: (1) High Pressure Ionix Static Eliminator, (1) 25' hose with 1/4" threaded ends and (1) pistol grip air gun
PL300AIRKIT 25' hose with 1/4" threaded ends and (1) pistol grip air gun only (static eliminator not included)

Top: HPPL300-2, Bottom: PL300-2 with optional hose and air gun

How Ionix eliminates static
Compressed air going through Ionix is made electrically dissipative. When that Ionix treated air is then blown onto a suface, the static charged surface and dust discharge through the Ionix air and static is gone!
Unique Proven Technology
The Ionix Static Eliminator utilizes a unique means of neutralizing static which has been recognized by the award of US Patent 5,402,304 by the US Patent Office. Over 50,000 sold since 1994.
Reliable, Safe, Automatic Operation
Simply install Ionix anywhere in the air line you want to act as a static eliminator and it works automatically when air passes through it. When exhausted, the Ionix can be disposed in normal waste and recycled with plastics. It contains NO hazardous or nuclear materials.
Easy to Install
Anyone can install the Ionix Static Eliminator in less than 10 minutes. Simply cut the air line and hose clamp the hose ends over Ionix ends. No power supply or special positioning needed! Install one Ionix per machine air line or per hand blow off hose.
Ionix is unconditionally guaranteed!
Ionix unconditionally guarantees the Ionix Static Eliminator for 30 days. If you are unsatisfied, return the Ionix within 30 days for a full refund. Ionix is warranted for 6 months and replacement is recommended after 1 year.
Ionix plastic industry models
There are different Ionix models to eliminate the static charges characteristic on different surfaces and for different air pressures. Ionix are made for 3/8" ID air hose.

For use in air lines up to 50 psi (3.5 bar) use PL300-2
For use in air lines up to 150 psi (9 bar) use HPPL300-2

Hand blowoff
Ionix can be installed in air hose or air gun for hand blowoff. If you need a hose and air gun, specify KIT after model number.

Plastics cleanup (up to 50 psi): PL300-2
Composite cleanup (up to 50 psi): 2 model PL300-2 in series

The PL300-2 units are rated to 50 psi.
For pressures over 50 psi, use the HPPL300-2 rated to 150 psi.

High pressure air lines (up to 150 psi): HPPL300-2
Ionix is easy to install and use!
Install one Ionix at any location in an air hose to treat the air for static elimination.

Do not leave or use Ionix in the air hose if the air hose is used for painting.

Optional 25' hose with 1/4" threaded ends and pistol grip air gun available.



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