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Blade before resharpening
Reconditioned blade

Save Money With Resharpening and Increase Your Granulator or Grinder Performance

Services For Plastics can resharpen almost all makes and models of blades and knives at a significant cost savings over new blades. SFP resharpens all granulator knives including bed knives, rotating fly knives, Wortex/Conair fly knives and helical knives.

The condition of your grinder bed knives and rotating knives is key to grinder and granulator performance. Having blades that are properly sharpened will:
● Increase Cutting Rate Efficiency,
● Decrease Fines, and
● Decrease Noise.

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EPIC Sharp® Granulator Blade Edges provides the highest quality steel and dimensional tolerances that you can find for your blades and knives.
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Stationary Bed Blades and Rotating Fly Blades

  • Stationary knife blades can be sharpened individually.
  • Rotating knife blades should be sent in sets for matched grinding and balancing.
  • Specify machine make and type.
  • Specify any minimum resharpening dimensions.

Various granulator blades

Conair / Wortex Fly Blades, Helical Blades

  • Diameter of the cutting circle remains unchanged.
  • Special diamond grinding tools sharpen the underside of insert only.
  • Includes sharpening of all 3 inserts of each rotary fly knife.


The sharpening cost is calculated by the size of the blade, the number of edges, angle of edges.

$$$ Per inch for each angle

Cost details

Keen Edge Rotary Blade

$$$ Per inch for each angle

Cost details

Reverse Bevel Rotary Blade

$$$ Per inch for each angle

Cost details

High Shear Rotary Blade

Segmented Helical Fly Knives

$$$ Per tooth

Cost details

Do you need new blades?

We have granulator blades, in-stock and custom design. We also recondition your existing blades and knives, click here.

Do you need a screen?

We have granulator screens, in-stock and custom designed. Thousand of different screen sizes and patterns, click here.

Having Granulator Problems?

Look at our list of common issues, click here.

Services For Plastics, Inc. has been producing blades and knives since 1981. Our knowledge and expertise spans the entire mainstream brands offered in North America. Click links below to see models, images and dimensions for your blades and knives.

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