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Permatex Anti-Seize 
Thread Lubricant

Anti-Seize Thread Lubricant - 8 oz. Can

Anti-Seize Thread Lubricant - 1 oz. Tube


Prevents thread seizing, galling and corrosion in heavy duty applications

  • Assures easier disassembly of parts even after exposure to extreme temperatures and corrosive conditions.
  • Aluminum flake - the recommended and preferred anti-seize for use with Acetal, Nylon and PVC.
  • Resists temperatures of -65F to +2000F.
  • Conforms to MIL-A-907E.
  • No ozone depleting substances.

Packaging:  Sold in 1 oz. tubes or 8 oz. brush-top cans.

PTL-133A 1 oz Tube
PTL-133K 8 oz. Brush-top Can

Our thread lubricant is comparable with the following brands: 3M, Alcoa, Appleton Electric, Aquadag, Bosworth, Campbell, Campbell-Bosworth, Chemola, Clearco, Conley, Crouse-Hinds, Dunhill, Fastorq, Fe-Pro, Hydroseal, Inox, Jet-Lube, Killark, Loctite, Nylok, Rocol, Seal-Lock, Scotch, Star bright, startec, STL, Swagelock, Tylube, Versachem, Weller.

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