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Drawer Magnets

Drawer Magnet Options
Neo FF Series (Standard)
FFV Series
HF Series

Low Profile
Van Dorn Pre-Drilled

Neo FF Series (Standard) Drawer Magnets

Bunting NEO FF Series Drawer Magnets are outfitted with super-strong neodymium rare earth magnets that capture and hold ferrous metal particles so small that you may not be able to see them with the naked eye. Unlike other rare earth drawer magnets that can permanently lose their magnetic fields at temperatures above 175° F, Bunting's exclusive design is the only temperature-compensated rare earth drawer magnet made for injection molding machines. It is guaranteed not to lose its permanent magnetic strength when bolted to feed throats operating at temperatures in excess of 175° F. That means less downtime with reduced screw wear and fewer plugged nozzles. Purchase the best drawer magnets from SFP.

NEO Drawer Magnets are built with rugged stainless steel housings for durability. The newly-designed stainless steel center drawer guide makes removal and reinstallation of the magnet drawer quick and easy, for cleaning and maintenance.

The drawer gasket is cut from Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM). It resists heat aging and compression set and offers much greater durability than sponge rubber. The drawers are locked in place by new high-torque nylon knobs that resist breakage and stand up to everyday use much better than plastic knobs. We've even added a magnetic latch to keep our patented No-Spill™ slide gate in the open position under high vibration conditions, without interfering with normal gate operation.

Packaging:  Sold individually.


FF4400-PL 4" x 4" 10-1/2" 2" 7/8" 2-1/8"
FF4400-PLS 4" x 4" 10-1/2" 2" 7/8" 2-1/8"
FF4600-PL 6" x 6" 10-5/8" 4-1/2" 1-3/4" 3-7/8"
FF4600-PLS 6" x 6" 10-5/8" 4-1/2" 1-3/4" 3-7/8"
FF4800-PL 8" x 8" 10-7/8" 6" 3-1/8" 6"
FF4800-PLS 8" x 8" 10-7/8" 6" 3-1/8" 6"
FF4100-PL 10" x 10" Varies 8" Built to Customer Specs
FF4100-PLS 10" x 10" Varies 8" Built to Customer Specs

Model Required Determined By Throat Diameter Needed
Larger Sizes Available Upon Request

HF Series Drawer Magnets

With these units under your storage silos, you'll trap most tramp metal before it ever gets into the process line. Bunting HF Series Drawer Magnets are also designed for use under grinders, above rotary air locks, and anywhere ferrous contaminants need to be removed from large-cross-section gravity spouting.

HF Series units are available with multiple magnetic cartridge trays. Trays slide out for ease of cleaning, and cartridges in adjacent trays are staggered to increase direct contact with the product flow.

Ceramic permanent magnetic material is standard. Rare Earth magnetic cartridges are also available to handle extremely fine or marginally magnetic contaminants.

Standard housings are constructed of heavy-duty mild steel with ¼" thick flanges. But you can specify optional all-stainless construction as well as round, square, or rectangular spouting adapters for easy installation and manual or pneumatic self-cleaning options for even easier maintenance.

Packaging:  Sold individually.

For More information, request Spec Sheet 2015

FFV Series Drawer Magnets


Many plastic molders are turning to smaller-volume, closed-loop systems. These "Just-In-Time" systems dry resin at a central point and then convey small amounts to the molding machine. Seeing a special need for magnetic protection against ferrous contaminants in such operations, we offer a series of Bunting drawer magnets (FFV Series) specifically designed for these systems.

FFV Drawer Magnets from Bunting mount on the throat of the plastic molding machine and are equipped with an o-ring seal at the drawer front to prevent air leaks. FFV Drawer Magnets are manufactured to withstand pressures up to 15 in-hg without leaking. The drawer front is made with 1-½" thick, clear polycarbonate for strength and easy monitoring of the resin flow and tramp metal collection. The powerful magnetic cartridges can be pulled out of the housing for easy cleaning. Top and bottom flanges are built to your requirements.

The compact FFSV1300-PL-NPB housing measures 3" x 3" and is manufactured from 13-gauge 304 stainless steel. A single high-energy rare earth magnetic cartridge is utilized. The FFSV1300-PL-NPB holds up to 8 oz. of material and has a maximum inlet diameter of 2" with a maximum outlet diameter of 1-¾".


A larger 4" x 4" unit is also available. The FFV1400-PL-CR housing is manufactured from 12-gauge mild steel and uses two ceramic magnetic cartridges. An optional 13-gauge stainless steel housing is available (FFSV1400-PL-CR). Bunting's FFSV1400-PL-NPB uses two high-energy rare earth magnetic cartridges for applications where extremely small fines or weak magnetic contaminants are a problem. The housing is manufactured from 13-gauge stainless steel. These drawer magnets hold up to 20 oz. of material. They have a maximum inlet diameter of 3" and a maximum outlet diameter of 2-1/8".

Packaging:  Sold individually.

Low Profile Drawer Magnets

The Low Profile Drawer Magnet is designed to provide magnetic protection for installations where head room is critical. Its space-saving 5-11/16" overall height makes this unit the most compact on the market today.

Bunting Low Profile Drawer Magnet offers many of the design features found on the standard size drawer magnet, including a single row of Permanent Magnetic Cartridges to provide constant protection from ferrous contamination, a clear polycarbonate drawer front, and rigid 10-gauge mild steel construction. You can even purchase these units with a No-Spill™ Slide Gate option.

Stainless steel construction and Rare Earth Magnetic Cartridges are also available.

LP1600 Series

LP1800 Series

Packaging:  Sold individually.

LP1600PL 6" x 6" 5" 3
LP1600PLS 6" x 6" 5" 3
LP1800PL 8" x 8" 5" 4
LP1800PLS 8" x 8" 5" 4

"S" Includes 'No-Spill Slide Gate'

Self-Cleaning Drawer Magnets

Bunting's exclusive dual-action Self-Cleaning Drawer Magnet lets you save time two ways as you protect product purity and equipment.  You can clean it in place with one quick pull or remove the whole drawer assembly for safe off-the-machine maintenance.  Each self-cleaning unit has extra long magnetic cartridges that fit inside stainless steel sleeves that are attached to the see-through polycarbonate drawer front.  Tramp metal collects as they are pulled clear of the magnetic cartridges and the drawer housing. No wiping or brushing required.

The whole magnetic cartridge and drawer assembly can also be completely removed from the housing. The operator can then carry the unit to a designated trash dump area for cleaning without getting tramp metal anywhere near the molding equipment. Either way, tramp metal removal is fast, safe, and easy.

You'll especially like the self-cleaning option if your drawer magnet is equipped with Rare Earth Magnetic Cartridges. These high-energy magnetic cartridges can be difficult to clean thoroughly by hand because of their high magnetic strength.

Packaging:  Sold individually.

Drawer Magnet Options

Patented No-Spill Slide Gate
The patented No-Spill™ Slide Gate from Bunting Magnetics completely and positively shuts off product flow, so you don't have to worry about product spillage creating a mess or safety hazard when you remove the drawer for cleaning.

Purge Hopper
Our Purge Hopper speeds clean-out of your equipment when changing color or compound, without sacrificing magnetic protection or taking the time to empty your hopper.

Rear Dump Tube
This option lets you empty the drawer housing and material hopper of plastic after a run has been completed.

Liquid Port
The Liquid Port allows you to inject liquid color additive into the resin. It's especially convenient for trial runs, short runs, or prototyping. The port can also be used to hold a temperature probe.

Powder Seal Kit
This option prevents powder materials from leaking out around the Slide Gate - which is especially important in applications involving PVC or similar powder materials. The kit provides a compression seal around the Slide Gate. Order as original equipment or retrofit on site. Specify magnet model when calling for part number and pricing.

Rare Earth Magnets
If your application involves extremely small metal fines or contaminants that are only marginally magnetic, you may need the extra magnetic energy of Rare Earth Magnets. Rare Earth Drawer Filters are supplied with stainless steel housings to prevent the entire assembly from becoming magnetized by these extremely powerful magnets. There are two powerful Rare Earth Cartridge designs.

Alnico Magnets
For high-temperature applications, cartridges loaded with Alnico Magnets are often required. If your process line handles resins heated to exceptionally high temperatures and your operating temperatures range between 300°F and 1000°F, be sure to specify Alnico Magnets and stainless steel drawer fronts.

Ceramic Magnets
Good holding force and low cost make Ceramic Magnets the right choice for most separation applications. Ceramic Magnet Cartridges are well suited for collecting small to large tramp iron, and for applications up to 300°F.

NPB Cartridges
NPB (Neodymium Power-Balanced) Cartridges provide significant performance increases over Ceramic and Alnico Cartridges at a moderate price.

NHI Cartridges
NHI (Neodymium High-Intensity) Cartridges offer the highest performance levels in the industry. They are the right choice for contamination-sensitive environments and other demanding applications.

Un-Drilled Drawer Magnets

Packaging:  Sold individually.

DR-1600-D LP1600PL 6" x 6" 4-1/4" 2-7/8"
DR-1700-D LP1600PLS 6" x 6" 4-1/4" 2-7/8"
DR-2100-D FF4600PLS 6" x 6" 4-1/4" 2-7/8"
DR-2200-D FF4600PLS 8" x 8" 4-1/4" 2-7/8"
DR-3500-D FF4800PLS 8" x 8" 6" 5-1/2"

Drilled Drawer Magnets for Van Dorn Machines


DR-1900-D 47427 FF4600PLS   50 RS 3F
  75 RS 3F, 5F
110 RS 5F, 6F, 8F
125 RS 6
150 RS 8F
200 RS 8F
DR-2000-D 47429 FF4600PLS 150 RS 14F
200 RS 14, 14F, 30
250 RS 20F
300 RS 14, 20, 30, 30F
325 RS 30F
350 RS 30F
385 RS   8F
400 RS 48F
450 RS 30, 30F
DR-2050-D 49431 FF4600PLS 300 RS 60F
350 RS 60F
385 HRS 60F, 75F
500 H 60F, 80F
500 HRS 60F, 80F, 125F
550 RS 60F, 80F
700 H 105F
700 RS 60F, 80F, 125F
700 HRS 60F, 80F, 125F
1000 HRS 125F

Part No. DR-1900-D (Van Dorn Part No. 47427) fits Van Dorn machine models:

Part No. DR-2000-D (Van Dorn Part No. 47429) fits Van Dorn machine models:

Part No. DR-2050-D (Van Dorn Part No. 49431) fits Van Dorn machine models:

Packaging:  Sold individually.

Our magnets are comparable to the following brands: A&A Magnetics, Accu-Feed, Bakker, Choumag, Dings, EFI, Eriez, Greenwood, Hamilton, Metal-Katcher, Nihon, National Magnetics, Novatec, Plastix, Prothermex, Pragati, Puritan, Shin-Etsu, Spaltech, Storch, Thompson.

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