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Mold Shields

Mold Shield (Shown mounted on machine)

Mold Shields prevent your parts from scattering randomly within the mold’s open space by keeping them within the desired "drop zone". Mold Shields are a crystal clear plastic curtain which attaches to either side of the mold using magnets. As the mold opens and closes, the Mold Shields expand and contract to provide a curtain that prevents molded parts from falling outside the drop zone.

The crystal clear plastic allows you to observe your molding area, and monitor your parts production in progress. With an in-service life expectancy of 3 million cycles, Mold Shields have a rapid pay back based on scrap reduction and increased good production output. Since Mold Shields are easily attached and removed as necessary, they can be quickly moved from press to press to meet changing production demands or simply removed in seconds for equipment maintenance purposes. Mold Shields are easy to install and remove, with some assembly of hardware required. For larger applications, multiple Shields can be used on a mold.

Mold Shield


  • Sizes range from 8" to 47" height x 24" width
  • Includes mounting hardware and magnets
  • Temperature ranges from 0 to 230 F
  • Reduces scrap
  • Eliminates contamination
  • Easy installation
  • Quick access to mold
  • Movable to other presses
  • US Patent #4,848,437


  • Clear Polyethylene Teraphthalate (PET)

Life Expectancy:

  • 3,000,000 Cycles

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  • Purpose of Mold Shields
  • Magnet Assembly
  • Mold Shield Installation
  • Operating Instructions
  • Application Notes
  • Warnings

Complete Set of Mold Shields**

Part No. Height Width Open
MS-0824 8" 24"
MS-1224 12" 24"
MS-1624 16" 24"
MS-2024 20 24"
MS-2424 24" 24"
MS-3224 32" 24"
MS-4024 40" 24"
MS-4724 47" 24"

**Each mold shield set contains: 2 mold shield, 8 magnets, and 8 mounting hardwares.

Single Mold Shield*

Part No. Height Width Open
MS-0824-1 8" 24"
MS-1224-1 12" 24"
MS-1624-1 16" 24"
MS-2024-1 20" 24"
MS-2424-1 24" 24"
MS-3224-1 32" 24"
MS-4024-1 40" 24"
MS-4724-1 47" 24"

*Each single mold shield contains: 1 mold shield, 4 magnets, and 4 mounting hardwares.

Mold Shield Magnet Kit

Additional Magnets

Part No. Height Width Open
MS-KIT-004 Magnet Kit for Mold Shield with Mounting Hardware 4 magnets/Pkg.

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