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Feedscrews have many variables which need to be considered during the selection process. Our design team can eliminate the guesswork and provide you with an ideal screw solution for your application.


We can manufacture any feedscrew from 1/2" (12 mm) to 10" (254 mm) outside diameter. Our feedscrews are available in a variety of steels. Base materials include: 4140, Nitralloy 135m, D2, CPM 9V, CPM S90V, CRU-WEAR, Hastelloy, Lescowear and other choice tool steels. Standard surface hardenings include: Nitriding, Armoloy, Full Carbide Encapsulation, Flight Following Carbide Encapsulation, Titanium Nitriding (TiN), Titanium Aluminum Nitriding (TiAN), Chromium Nitriding, and Industrial Hard Chrome Plating. For more information on new feedscrews, click here.

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If we don't have your barrel or feedscrew on the shelf, we can manufacture your barrel or feedscrew using a print from our extensive digital library or create a new print from your sketch or sample part. For more information on custom designed feedscrews, click here.

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Have a feedscrew that needs some attention

Let us recondition it.

Feedscrews can be rebuilt at a considerable cost savings over replacement. Flights rebuilt with Stellite or Colmonoy Hardfacing normally last longer than a new general purpose feedscrew. We can rework root diameters, change compression ratios, replace broken drive ends and tip ends, repair I.D. threads, etc. We can rebuild and protect your feedscrew with hard Chrome plating or Nitriding.

For more information on feedscrew reconditioning, click here.

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Services For Plastics, Inc. has been manufacturing quality barrels and feedscrews since 1981; for injection, extrusion, thermoset injection, blow molding, and rubber machines. Our knowledge and expertise spans the entire mainstream brands offered in North America.

Injection: Arburg, ATEC, Autojector, Battenfeld, Beloit, Bernex, Bipel, Borche, Boston Matthews, Boy, Bucher, Chen Hsong, Chuan Lih Fa, Cincinnati, Cincinnati ACT, Cincinnati Roboshot, Cincinnati Vista, Cincinnati Vista Sentry, Demag, Desma, Dima, Dong Shin, Egan, Engel, Farrel, Fellows, Ferromatik, Fortune, Fu Chun Shin, Gloenco, Gloucester, Gluco, Goldstar, Haitian, Hemscheidt, Hettinga, Hishiya, HPM, Hull, Husky, Illinois Precision, Impco, Jaco, Johns, Jomar, JSW, Kawaguchi, Kenplas, Klocker Ferromatik, Klockner Windsor, Krauss-Maffei, Kuasy, Lester, Lien Fa, LOG, Lombard, LS Mtron, Maplan, Martinand, McNeil, Meiki, Metalmec, Mini-jector, MIR, Mitsubishi, Moslo, Multiplas, Nan Rong Mechanical, Natdo, Negri Bossi, Netstal, New Britain, Newbury, Niigata, Nissei, Nissin, Pentaject, Presma, Promax, Pyramid, Rabit, Reed Prentice, Rutil, Sandretto,Seiko, Shinwa Seiki, Sodick, Stokes, Stork, Stubbe, Sumitomo, TMC, Toshiba, Toyo, Triulzi, Trubor, Trueblood, UBE, Van Dorn, Van Dorn/Demag, Vistar, Wabash MPI, Welltec, Whittman, Willert, Windsor, Woojin, YCI-Supermax

Extrusion: Akron, Al-be, American Leistritz, American Maplan, Baker Perkins (APV), Varmag, Battenfeld, Beloit, Berlyn, Bernex, Berstorff, Betol, Billion, Bonnot, Boston Matthews, Brabender, Brabor, Brampton, Bucher, Century Extrusion, Cinccinnati Milacron, Conair, Coperion, Cosomoplast, Crowne, Custom, Davis Standard, Deltaplast, Dong Shin, Dorstner, Egan, Eisenbeiss, Entwistle, Farrel, Flender, Gatto, Gloucester, Hansen, Hardig, HPM, Ikegar, Johnson, JSW (Japan Steel Works), Killion, Krauss Maffei, Leistritz, LMP Impianti, LWB, Maplan American, Maris, McNeil, Merritt Davis, NRM, Prism, Prodex, Rainville, Reifenhauser, Rocheleau, Royle, Sacmi, Sterling, Theysohn, Toshiba, Trident, Uniloy, Wayne, Welding Engineers, Welex, Werner & Pfleiderer

Thermoset Injection: Bipel, Bucher, New Britain

Blow Molding: Aoki, Araham, Baker Perkins, Battenfeld, Bekum, Cincinnati, Cullom, FHB, Fischer, Frontier, Gerosa, Graham Engineering, Hardig, Hayssen, Husky, Hycon, Impco, Jomar, Kautex, Krupp, Magic, Milacron, Moretti, Nissei, NRM, Parker, Rocheleau, Sidel, Sterling, Techne, Teng Chin, Uniloy

Rubber: Arburg, Battenfeld, Boy, Desma, Dieffenbacher, Engel, Gluco, Klockner, Krupp, Maplan, Meiki, Milacron, MIR, Nissei, REP, Rutil, Wabash

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